RCBS Berdan Decapping værktøj

795,00 kr.

The RCBS Berdan Decapping Tool is a must-have if you need to handload 8mm Rimless, 6.5mm Mannlicher-Schoenaur, 11.7mm Rimmed, and more. If your brass has a Berdan Primer you need this tool. RCBS Berdan Decapping tool is made from top-grade, heat-treated steel alloy for toughness and long tool life. It comes with a case holder and hex wrench to make sure you have everything you need to remove Berdan Primers.

  • Must have if you have plans to handload Berdan Primed Brass
  • Works with a variety of calibers
  • Heat-Treated Steel Alloy
  • Includes: Case Holder and Hex Wrench

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